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About Flele

What is Flele?
- Flele is an open source desktop music player. Skins can be custom made to resemble anything from a standard player bar to an animated character.

What are shells?
- Shells are the skins that you can apply to your Flele.

What can you do with Flele?
- The primary function of Flele is to act as a music player though most character shells also contain dress up options so you can customize your skin further.


Installing Flele Player
- Download the player from the links below.
  English | Japanese
- Extract everything from the ZIP and click on the SSP file to run.

Downloading shells
- You can find shells using a search engine or via the links below.
  G★REVO | deviantART
- Download the shell as per the creator's instructions.

Installing shells
- Exract the shell folder from the ZIP or RAR file.
- Move the folder to the Shell directory of the Flele player (ssp_flele_miku --> ghost --> flele_aya --> shell)

Changing shells
- Right-click on the player to bring up the main menu
- Click on the Shell option and choose your preferred shell.
  (If you have installed a shell with the player running you may need to restart it before the new shell becomes available.)

Adding music
- Drag mp3 or wav files from your music folders onto the player to add them to your playlist.

Changing shell appearance
- Right-click on the player to bring up the main menu.
- If available choose the Clothes/Dressup option to browse the clothes and accessories.

Adding a second Flele to your desktop
- Duplicate the flele_aya folder in your existing player.
- Rename it. At this point it will contain the same shells/playlist as your other flele player. Delete these if you want to.
- Add/remove shells and music as described above.
- To use, right-click on your existing player to bring up the menu. Click 'Call Ghost' and choose the second FLELE option.


The player does not run
- Flele only works with Windows. It cannot be used with Mac, Linux, etc.

There is no sound
- Right-click to bring up the menu. Click on Options and uncheck the Don't Play Sound option.

- AND/OR Right-click to bring up the menu and go to Options > Preferences.
- Check the Ghost(1) / Ghost(2) settings. Uncheck the Don't Play Sound option if necessary.

- OR With your Flele running, open up the Volume Mixer on your toolbar (speaker icon). Check that the the mute button for the Flele is unchecked and the volume is at an adequate level.

- File names with unusual characters may not play.

- You may need to install the East Asian Language pack on your computer. Search Google for the version you need for your OS. DeviantART also has some tutorials worth looking at for this.

- Only mp3 or wav files will work with the player

I don't want my second player to play sound
- Menu > Options > Don't play Sound
- OR Menu > Options > Preferences > Ghost(2) > Don't play sound
- OR Create a blank mp3 and have your flele player play this.

The player disappers when changing shells
- Sometimes the player moves beyond the visable edges of your screen. Drag inwards across your screen to see if it appears.

I cannot fix the problem
- Flele can be quite tricky at times and there isn't always an answer for your problem. If you cannot solve your problem using the instructions above then try reinstalling the shells or the player.